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Search Results from Magazine Archives "Dominican Republic"  20 Articles Found - Retiring to the Dominican Republic? There are many pro’s to retiring to gorgeous Dominican Republic, recently ranked the second happiest country in the world. Let’s start with the DR’s zero capital gains taxes for tourism real estate; the special advantage law created just for retirees; the quick air travel to the USA and beyond; its great communications systems and infrastructure; its top notch medical and personal care services; its low cost of living; the non-stop entertainment possibilities and DR’s size and diversity – a place where you can spend 365 days involved with activities, golf and exploring and never get bored. 2-Special advantage law created for retirees: DR has recently created a new law that will allow you to bring in your car and other properties free of tax and also allow you to collect your pension free of tax. Some embassies offer to provide this service and you may also arrange for your bank to transfer the funds monthly to your DR bank account. Remember that many international banks operate locally and all Dominican banks have an international link to most world banks.
"Retiring to the Caribbean" - Search Results from Magazine Archives 65 Articles - "Retirees of today are earnestly looking for offshore retirement in countries that are safe, offer a low cost of living, have affordable housing and property, with decent infrastructure, personal comfort-ability and most importantly, where they can live a good life on their retirement income. One country that offers all of that – Belize, and one leading expert on retiring to the Caribbean recommends it as THE Central American hot spot for retirees and also has selected the two best Belizean areas for retirees. Learn all about the enchanting Cayo District, one of the Guru’s top picks for retirement in Caribbean Retirement Hot Spots: Belize, Part 2 So you are all set to settle in to Belize, and the long check list guiding your every move toward that goal is about finished. But have you made a decision about one of the critical paths you must take once settled in Belize? We are talking about your residency status – are you aware of the four options available to you, which would work best with your circumstance, the costs and time involved and how to go about selecting and finalizing your choice."
Caribbean Destinations : Discover Cuba, Part 1 By Raquel B Tejeda - Cuba, that grand island of mystery, is also a land of timeless beauty, an eco-paradise, the land that time forgot and an other-worldly sort of travel experience as one feels as though they are stuck in a time warp…but certainly a most enchanting one.   The largest Caribbean island, Cuba is all you can dream of and a much more. Pulsating with sensual music, endless sandy beaches, captivating culture, old-age architecture, welcoming locals, and delicious food it is the sort of time warp experience you’ll never want to leave. This is the largest of the Caribbean islands, which is about the size of England. It lies to the west of the Greater Antilles group and about a quarter of its terrain is mountainous. Cuba consists of the main island, the Isle of Youth and about 4,195 Cayes, commonly known as Cayos. Cuba is 140 kilometers from the Bahamas and 180 kilometers from Florida. It’ 13,000,000 inhabitants predominantly speak Spanish.
Caribbean Environment: A Solar Solution for the World’s Poor - Solar Cooling, Dehumidification and Refrigeration – A Hot Idea for the Tropics By James Post - In an evaporator, an ammonia fluid coming from a condenser is being evaporated in a similar manner as with compression cooling. The ammonia vapor is led to an absorption vessel where it immediately dissolves. Hydrogen is used to create a lower pressure in the evaporator compared to the condenser. As the hydrogen does not dissolve in the water, the ammonia and hydrogen are separated in the absorption vessel. The ammonia is dissolved in the water and the hydrogen rises via a separate conduit back to the evaporator. To get the ammonia out of the water the solution is sent to a heater (in our case solar heated water). As the ammonia vapor contains some water vapor the conduit is being widened at which point the water parts let loose and get transported back to the absorption vessel via a separate conduit.  This explains the closed loop cycle that does not require moving parts. The evaporation takes away heat from its surrounding and that is how the cooling takes place – similar to a compressor based refrigerator.
Caribbean Culinary : Mexican Cuisine - A Fusion of the Past  by  S. Mar Carter - During the past year I have traveled and explored (in complete safety) the vast, spectacularly beautiful country of Mexico, and became thoroughly enthralled with its steamy seaside ports, classic colonial cities, tiny fishing villages with white beaches, chilly mountain villages, authentic arts and crafts and its kind, gracious people. Along the way I become thoroughly enthralled with Mexican cuisine as well. By this, I mean the authentic cuisine one finds throughout most of Mexico…not the ‘food’ found in America that is passing itself off as Mexican cuisine. In the food places in these cities and villages in Mexico I’ve yet to see a taco, burrito or chimichanga on the menu.  My new passion for this scrumptious, comfort-food cuisine lead me to explore its origin, which as it turns out is a grand amalgamation of the food products, spices and recipes from many other countries, combined with the now lost recipes of original Mexican cuisine. Original Mexican recipes morphed and fused, decade after decade, as French, Italian, Lebanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and British influences and food products were introduced to the local Mexican cooks.
Caribbean Developers :  Montecristo’s Visionary Couple By S. Mar Carter - Caribbean Property and Lifestyles Magazine recently had the opportunity to interview Lori and Jorge Estrada, the visionary couple who have created the ultimate seaside community, Montecristo Beach Resort and Golf Club, in Nicaragua. In the highly informative interview, the couple share their vision and commitment to developing the leading seaside community in Central America. - Lori and Jorge, thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us about the Montecristo Beach development in Nicaragua.  It is certainly one of the premier developments in Central America and the Latin Caribbean.
Caribbean Expats : Designing Mid-Life in Belize by Yvette Dalton - Recently someone asked me how, and why, did I become an “expat.”  I knew what an expat was but had not considered me to be one - and yet here I am living in Belize, my new home.  All things considered, I realize that I have become a part-time resident in that special club of pioneering souls who pack up, say goodbye to their homeland and settle down in a new country. I never thought of myself as a ‘pioneering spirit’ nor did I ever crave to chuck it all and just run away!  I grew up just south of Dayton, Ohio USA, a member of a typical American family. I have always been an independent person and not afraid to try new adventures – well, with the exception of things that have to do with heights. So no jumping out of airplanes, but zip-lining in Hawaii I would recommend for sure!! That was a blast. Once I pried my arms from hugging the tree top, I was on my way.
Caribbean Spirit : Creating Habitat Belize by Reverend Macarena Rose - hab - i - tat   (a noun) - Sociological definition from the dictionary:  the place where a person or thing is most likely to be found.  In other words… HOME.  A very powerful word that brings a lot to mind, doesn't it?  It's a powerful concept and evokes many memories and feelings for each and every one of us....  We all need a home…. that's for sure.  No one has to explain this to us.  It’s been basic to our existence as humans on earth since the beginning.  Overhanging trees, caves, whatever our ancestors could find - they made good use of local options to shelter and protect their young.  Home is a place in which to center our lives. That hasn't changed. It never will. The size and style of housing have varied through the ages according to status and natural materials available - but the concept of "home" has never varied. Home… It's where our heart is, where our loved ones reside with us.  A home is a place of nurturing.
Caribbean Gems : Sybarite Guide to DR Beaches, Pt 3 By: Guitze M. Messina - We have taken a nice tour on the most visited beaches of the Dominican Republic, we are now going to take a look at a region with enormous potential for its diversity and natural beauty: The south west of the Dominican Republic. To have a great feel for the best beaches in the south of the island we need to start early in the day and head out to Bani from Santo Domingo. This region is not as famous because the beaches have   different types of sand from grey to black to pearl white and because until very recently the roads where not as good as the ones   to Samana and Punta Cana. The new road being completed will make it a very pleasant and fast trip where we will make different stops to  enjoy the authentic flavor of the region before we arrive at the different beaches that we want to visit.
Caribbean Destinations : Anguilla Does It their Way, Part. 1 By S. Mar Carter - There has been a lot going on behind the scenes in Anguilla the past few years to position it as the “IT” small island in the Caribbean. In 2009, Anguilla, that most serene of Caribbean island paradises and one known for its tranquility, beauty and famed upscale resorts, began developing new initiatives and ‘product’ changes to entice the lucrative incentive and meeting planning business to its pristine shores. Anguilla’s objective was to emerge as a new destination in the Caribbean’s highly competitive incentive and meeting travel industry.  And, by all accounts Anguilla is succeeding as not only have the incentive and meeting planners taken a closer look at this unspoiled tropical island gem, but general tourism has seen a business increase in critical areas as well.
Search Results from Magazine Archives Working in The Caribbean - Working Around the Islands introduces one of the most important factors to on the job success in the Caribbean, and that factor is cultural assimilation. The faster one understands the culture and the work environment, the faster one can make a smooth transition in to a new world, a new life and a new career as described in part one of this series. Over Two dozen articles for working in the Caribbean including Dominican Republic: An Engineer’s Journey, All About Corporate Relocation, Discover Nicaragua: Land of Incentives and Investments, Central America's Emerging Jewel, Costa Rica: A Free Trade Zone Paradise, Belize Home & Business Opportunity For Sale, Costa Rica Construction, Working In The Caribbean, More > 
Caribbean Discovery : Discovering Dominica Search Results from Magazine Archives 19 Articles Found - Most people have never heard of Dominica… or they confuse it with the Dominican Republic. Fewer still would know where to look for it on a map. Dominica is one of those places that you need to have some idea what you are doing to be able to really get a feel for the place. Signposts are scarce, and you surely cannot visit all the essentials in a day. One thing is for sure… Dominica truly unique and, above all, possesses a duality of breathtaking landscapes and strong culture. This means that for those people who, like me, get to spend some time on the island, it remains largely un-spoilt, untouched, unchartered territory. My Caribbean Lonely Planet guidebook had only a few pages dedicated to Dominica so I arrived not knowing what to expect. I know of at least two Dominica-dedicated guidebooks in the works and I applaud them for attempting to fill the gap.
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Asset Protection Newsletter - Live & Invest Offshore - Get the real facts from the best; including Doug Casey, Bobby Casey, Bob Matthews, Global Asset Advisors, Inc., Jeff Schneider CPA, PassportIRA and more of the best international investment advisors. Contains informatioin on How and Why to Acquire a Second Passport Legally, Expat Taxes, Offshore (and Onshore) Investing presented with the basic premise of protecting your assets.
Your Own Offshore Company - Open Your Offshore Account In One Of The 7 Preferred Havens - Being offshore gives you choices, among them the choice to deal with the world on your terms. If you are looking to invest in property, set-up a business or just saving some money tax-free - protecting your assets offshore is the most prudent and sane way to prepare for what others call the unexpected.
2nd Passports - Economic Citizenship - If you get a 2nd passport and flee America the S Government can't take your money as easily as they could if you were still living in the USA. Therefore the US Goverment is doing everything to keep you from getting a second passport, closing resources and threatening tax-haven nations with sanctions. On this page we supply what information we can. You can get a second passport; it's just harder to get then it was a few years ago . . .  why don't you wait a few more years, then it will be impossible and you won't have to worry about it.  Your fate will be sealed. 
Live In Costa Rica Newsletter  -  The EscapeArtist Costa Rica Portal & Newsletter is unique in its quest for honest, real life stories from people working and living abroad in Costa Rica. We live in Costa Rica, we know Costa Rica, we believe that Costa Rica is the expat haven of choice. We look for the opinions, the advice, the I wish I would have known this then, and the down and dirty truths from the mouths of those who have experienced it all firsthand. Escapeartist Costa Rica is dedicated to this true-to-life portrayal of the country we love. All of our articles are written by people who work, invest, love, explore, and live the "pura vida" here in Costa Rica.
Live In Mexico - Retire In Mexico Newsletter  -  The Future of Escape to Mexico Magazine - All Things Mexico! “True stories of real people… living, traveling and working in Mexico.”  It’s authoritative, firsthand experience, not media hype! Come with us to… Escapeartist Mexico proudly joins the leading line-up of the new country portals, that  each are devoted to a single, dream destination.  Our site is the window to everything you want to know if you’re thinking about escaping to Mexico!  As part of the Escapeartist media family, Escapeartist Mexico adds to a 15-year tradition, extending the value of the Internet’s longest-standing source of reliable information about living, working investing, traveling and retiring abroad.  It’s a dedication that’s helped countless couples, singles and families realize their “EscapeArtist Dreams”.
See Yacht Broker for Boats & Yachts worldwide Yes, Boats, Barges, Ships Canoes, Ski-Boats, Water-Ferries, Cargo Vessles, Yachts and more for sale worldwide in the online Yacht Broker. - If it floats on water it's in the Yacht Broker - Buy or sell a yacht, sportsfishing vessel or sailboat - List your boat for free!
Cash Flow Properties Worldwide - The time to buy real estate and stocks is ideally at the bottom of the market. Tighter Lending Policies Improve Cash Flow Houses - Can anyone see the forest through the trees?  Does anyone in Washington really understand what drives the housing industry?  Try credit availability.  When credit is available in the way of mortgages, the housing market improves.  It’s that simple.  Contrarily, when it’s not available, the market contracts and prices remain stagnant, and even worse decline. 
Brain Washed, Enslaved & Abused - Rod Taylor - Rod Taylor on Slavery - you are a slave to the Government - from Aaron Russo’s Mad as Hell show. - Aaron Russo (February 14, 1943 - August 24, 2007) was an American entertainment businessman, film producer and director, and political activist. He was best known for producing such movies as Trading Places, Wise Guys, and The Rose. Later in life, he created various Libertarian-leaning political documentaries including Mad as Hell and America: Freedom to Fascism. After a six-year battle with bladder cancer, Russo died on August 24, 2007. Russo created the political grassroots organization, Restore the Republic (, to fulfill the political ambitions laid out in his final movie documentary, America: Freedom to Fascism. Regarding the organization, Russo said his goal was to "try and get the word out to the public about what's happening to America -- and give them an opportunity to try to change things". - Duration : 06:18
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