Five Things You Will Learn Living in Caribbean

Insights are gained every day-or at least you should be, be it positive or negative. Life brings us daily experiences that affect us in some ways. Living in Caribbean for sometime will teach you some valuable things you may not learn living where you are now.

If you are not basking in tropical sunshine, here is some newfound knowledge:

1. Days Are Hot

Caribbean is known for its outside living because the days are usually hot. When looking for a place to stay, it helps to find a place with a backyard or amazing porch. After a hot day outside you may want to cool off inside.

Though you may want to turn on the air condition, just know that electricity is expensive in Caribbean. Therefore, rethink this with a back-up plan. For example, open the windows and choose the coolest spot to take a relaxing breeze.

In case you have a pool outside, diving will be the perfect refreshment!

2. The Weather Changes Time

If you live in place where the weather is rainy, with cloudy skies it makes you want to move fast whenever you are going. This is not the case in Caribbean. The heat comes knocking on you, which makes rushing sweaty. Rushing doesn’t help here, it only causes unnecessary stress. You don’t want to get to an appointment all sweaty.

You want to be on time, but you want to be on time without feeling being rushed. Even if you are late, just take it easy.

3. The People Like To Eat, So Stocks Can Run Out

The people live food! Food is an important part of Caribbean people’s daily life; from morning to wee hours of the night. Though they have supermarkets and many small scaled kiosks scattered along, some things may run out of stock.

Caribbean is highly dependent on import of goods and products since it doesn’t produce enough for the population. Therefore, beware products can be scarce and pricey.

4. Most basic foods are available and regulated at reasonable prices.

When you come across what you like, buy more as you never know when it will be available again.
There are enough social places you can go for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or you can opt for the food trucks for finger licking grilled food.

5. There Is So Much for Leisure

You are full of choices when it comes to entertainment. There is so much you can engage. You can visit the beaches, go hiking, diving or climbing. Caribbean offers lots of different water sports like wakeboarding, windsurfing, and sailing.

6. Wait, Is There 6th Point?! Yes – Perv Moms!

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Cayman Islands is a beautiful region and as an individual you would not feel any kind of boredom here. The region is ideal for living a stress free life. Yes getting the work permit can be difficult hence you should be mentally Hey there, The Caribbean region is more known as a vacation spot rather than a retirement destination.