What is specifically special about the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is a region very suited for both living and retirement and  vacation alike, It is packed with different islands each with it’s unique vibe and activities, I myself during my 10 visits in the Caribbean always find something new, Not to mention it’s very colorful beach, nowhere to be find somewhere else.
The Caribbean is also a region packed not only with beaches and relaxing vibes but filled with diverse Culture, Geography and History, It’s packed with different islands and you can truly see what great historical figures have visited before like the famous pirate and horror of the seas Edward “Bleackbeard” Thatch and many other pirates that roamed the Caribbean regions and maybe even visit some shipwrecks and museums and take look at some ancient artifacts or ancient treasures , Each visit to this place becomes more and more interesting and makes you really consider when you are going to visit this wonderful place again maybe even retire and live off there, It is indeed a very attractive offer to think about.

What kind of information can readers find on your site?

A complete guide about this region.
As for tourism you can find extensive information about the Caribbean that’ll truly help both if you are just visiting or planning to retire there, On my site you will find a description of most of the islands with all its activities and features, Foods and areas of interest, Vintage points and great view locations, Anything that might interest you as a tourist looking forward to visit this beautiful region and decide which area you see fit for you trip or someone who is looking to have the best retirement life.
As for the Non-Tourism content you may find Geographical and Historical information that might interests some visitors that not only seek pleasure and tourism but also seek knowledge about the region and its vast and diverse historical events.

What kind of diversity can the Caribbean region have?

The Caribbean is a vast region of many Islands, this is where part of the diversity comes, some islands are owned by different countries in the past and now, making the culture more vast and diverse and also adding up to different kinds of activities and events held for tourists.
The place always has something new to offer, different islands mean different opportunities for those who seek relaxation or pleasure or knowledge and adventure in discovering the shipwrecks and much more.

What do you personally think about the Caribbean region?

I personally recommend this area especially for retirement it offers many opportunities for relaxation, knowledge, adventure all-alike and it easily accessible from many parts of the world, a lot of islands offer a very decent budget for those seeking the best not-so-expensive retirement life, it has so much vintage points, tourist attractions, and events, each island provides something new in its unique style that brings me again and again to visit this wonderful place

Cayman Islands is a beautiful region and as an individual you would not feel any kind of boredom here. The region is ideal for living a stress free life. Yes getting the work permit can be difficult hence you should be mentally Hey there, The Caribbean region is more known as a vacation spot rather than a retirement destination.