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Caribbean island real estate for sale
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Caribbean island real estate for sale
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Caribbean island real estate for sale
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Issue 42
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Reverend Macarena Rose

The Maya Calendar actually Leaves Time to Enjoy Expat Life in Belize!  
Are you a believer? You may have read about the "Maya prophecy" for the Year 2012 - a year that is quickly approaching. That date in history supposedly represents when the world as we know it ends "according to the Maya calendar."
Or so we've been told.

It's hard to miss the world-wide attention given to the so-called Doomsday Calendar of the ancient Maya. The media loves to speculate on what awful things are going to happen to planet earth in 2012. (Never mind what we're going through right now!)  

There are also many books and movies out there capitalizing on our fear of cataclysmic events. And raking in plenty of dollars at the same time - LOL. This stuff scares the heck out of all of us, doesn't it? Even as I write, groups all over the world are counting down and expecting the worst in 2012. They're serious.

But do dire predictions for the world in 2012 have anything to do with the Maya calendar?  Where is this dread coming from? The predictions are not pretty. Disease, famine, apocalypse, death. Nasty stuff. Meaning -- the end.


December 21, 2012 - the beginning of the solstice - wraps up a 5,125 year Maya calendar cycle. This specific date "is said" to be the time when life as we know it ceases to exist. Over and done with. Finished. Fini. Buh-bye.

Excuse me -- I say not! And to the media -- stop scaring everybody! Or do we just like to scare ourselves? That question has many philosophical ramifications - but we'll save those for another day.

Can you imagine - if we all thought the predictions for 2012 were true, there would be so much fright and fearfulness, we'd all be running in circles right now bumping into one another and screaming our lungs out. But I'm not - nor should you be!

Because if one takes care to read and study the background of the Maya calendar -- you will realize all is well. I tell you truthfully - and I am backed up by the reality of the Maya calendar itself - do plan on making all your trips and holidays preparations for December 2012! By all means, schedule that winter solstice party. Maybe attend a performance of the traditional Maya Deer Dance here in Belize over Christmas. You'll love it.

What I am saying is you will not need to abandon your holiday decorating and lavish cooking. But you will need to get the holiday shopping done. Because all those family, friends and neighbors are going to be dropping by as usual. And they'll be expecting the usual hospitality.

Trust me, and if you are familiar with my writing, you know how strongly I feel about truth and ethics in business (mine happens to be real estate) and more importantly, in life – so, I say this loud and clear: we will all be around to enjoy the holidays and ring in the New Year in 2012! Then how did all this myth of the Maya predicting the end of the world come about? If not true, how has this myth nevertheless fueled so much fear and speculation?
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Lots for sale starting at............
 $35,000 with RESERVATIONS OF $5,000....
All plots have ocean access and road access. Water and electric,telephone and cable available at the lot.. Contractors, architects and lawyers are all available to help you design and build your new property. All lots can be reserved on a first come, first served basis.

To purchase a lot  - we have three finance plans one with a NO MONEY DOWN offer.  To reserve a plot paying cash the deposit is $5000 and the remaining amount is payable at completion which is normally 1 -2 months later or with Owner financing over 18 months (unless you take the no money down option).

Good questions! One thing we know for sure is that the Maya are acknowledged as superior astronomers and mathematicians. Their ability to calculate accurate calendar dates will always awe and astound the world. How they did it this - without any of our technologies at hand - is one of the great mysteries that anthropologists, scientists, historians and everyone else still strive to explain. The day of such understanding has not yet come.

The fabulous and revered Maya culture flourished in Belize and spread out over much of the adjoining areas. The greatest period of development and civilization took place 200-900 AD. The Maya were the high civilization of the day in that earlier world - their technological advancements far surpassed those of their contemporaries in Rome.
If you've read about the Maya, then you know how highly evolved they were in many areas including mathematics, astronomy, and engineering. No one today can even begin to explain their skills -- and extreme accuracy. And no one disputes that the Maya were the most learned and knowledgeable culture of their time. Although Maya culture had no wheel or agricultural machinery (or computers!) - They excelled in their computations and calculations. Pretty amazing stuff.

The Maya’s specialized knowledge included calculating dates for an amazing 5,125 year calendar. This stretch of time was called the "long count.” The current long count ends on December 21, 2012. The new cycle, the new long count, begins on December 22, 2012.
I think there is a basic misunderstanding of the cyclic nature of the Maya calendar. Time doesn't end for the Maya. The calendar doesn't end. It turns over to a new era and begins a NEW CYCLE of 5,125 years in which many possibilities for mankind exist - as always. Maya time is cyclic and we are about to begin anew on December 21, 2012.
It's interesting that, when presented with such information, many people ignore it and prefer to continue their pronouncement of the coming "end". This tells us much more about the human psyche than it does about the Maya calendar!

One anthropologist speculates that we are always nervous when dealing with an event that is cyclic in nature and coming to an end (like our past year ends on New Year's Eve). And that may account for our very human nervous anticipation and pessimism.  
But those authors and film makers and doomsday groups who purport to know what's coming (and it's all bad) - are in for a surprise. The reality is that we don't really know what the Maya may have thought about the future of the world beyond 2012! That's right -- we simply don't know. Anthropologists have translated absolutely nothing from Maya artifacts that would give us a clue… Except to say that they seemed to be more backward looking than forward looking. Sure, it's frustrating, but that's the truth.
Indeed, the Maya culture and calendar seem more past-directed -- whereas we like to predict ahead into the future. Maya time does not end, it just goes into a new cycle.
So what does this mean for you? That's easy. It means you've got time to make that expat fantasy come true! You know the one I’m always talking about, encouraging everyone to try…well it is time to do it and enjoy the heck out of it!

After all, the real doom in our lives is happening right now!! And it's the sad state of the American and world economy. Your dollars are fewer, your jobs are disappearing and it's hard to maintain - much less enjoy - an affordable lifestyle in the U.S. Your blood pressure is higher than ever and you don't remember a good night's sleep.
Never mind the outlook forecasted by "doomsday" predictors. You already know what the  future holds! It's more of the same -- because the job outlook in the U.S. is bleaker than ever. The government statistics for new job creation in May/June are grim. New jobs are not being created, sad to say. And we all know what that means.
And now the press is reporting that double digit inflation lies ahead.  

I am so sorry for the anguish the economic situation creates for so many of you - but I am so glad that I can be the bearer of some very good news - you can get away from it all right now, you can escape it all.  And, for good!

Life and living are affordable in Belize. It's true!! You have a haven, a bit of heaven on earth to which you can retreat, regroup, and live life on YOUR TERMS once again.  That's what becoming an expat in Belize does for you. Houses and land are affordable, the lifestyle is affordable. It's summer - and the livin' is easy.

Ok, get out the hanky and weep - I know this may be overwhelming news. And it may sound too good to be true. But I say it again - it is true. So how many more sleepless nights of anxiety and worry do you want?

You've thought about becoming an expat -- I say now is the time. JUMP ON IT!
I am proud and grateful that Belize -- the land of the Maya --can offer relief to you Maybe it's time -- today -- for you to take charge of your life and finances once again and take steps to become an expat in Belize. You've been battered by the economic downturn and no one is stepping up to the plate for you. But ah, there IS a viable solution! You can own affordable property here, indulge your family with the good life and lots of extras ---- and  have the time and energy left over to hunt for more clues to the Maya myths!
It isn't often that we're handed opportunities that make sense and help us achieve our goals of financial stability and the good life for our loved ones. But Belize beckons! Heed the call and you will soon be laughing all the way to the bank - to withdraw funds for another family outing to the Maya temples. Imagine that - can you even remember the last time you were able to actually take money OUT of the bank! Or even had money IN the bank!  
This is not a dream -- rather, it's a dream come true made possible by the expat life in Belize.  

The Maya calendar gives you lots and lots of time. You can use some of it to pack up and become an expat! Ongoing time is not a worry for you --but the economic times of the United States and the world certainly are. Now may be the best time ever for you to relocate and explore the expat life here!

An interesting thing just happened to me while on a recent visit to the U.S. I was in a bookstore with friends - who happened to strike up a conversation with an American couple visiting the U.S. from their expat paradise. It was not Belize - but the theme is the same. I listened in although the man and his wife had no idea that I am also an expat.

You should have heard them raving about the value they get for their American dollars! As the man gleefully stated with the biggest smile on his face - there is nowhere in the U.S. where the average person on a reduced income could afford a lovely home, maid, gardener, and rewarding lifestyle for the income they have. They think their expat life is the greatest thing to ever happen to them and they highly recommend it.

Me too and I call it the EXPAT PATH TO FINANCIAL RECOVERY! There's a bailout waiting for you in many lower cost countries and Belize is one of them. That is where I reside and run my real estate business, so I can personally attest to the affordable, enjoyable lifestyle awaiting you here.

Here's a conversation I just had on that same trip to the U.S. I was talking with a friend of the family who surprised me. He said he'd been on vacation in Cancun, Mexico and that talk of Belize was very prevalent there. He said the word out there is that it's THE place to move! THE place to stretch those hard earned dollars in this downturned economy. He said it gave him hope to know there's a place he can buy affordable property (his "own  castle" is how he put it) and live the good life without going broke and/or dying early from a heart attack caused by financial stress!

Doesn't this sound good! Can you relate to this?

Right now, Belize wants you to know you and your family is most welcome to relocate here. English is official so you won't have any communication problems. There is little inflation. You will be greeted with warmth and friendliness - a trait of Belizeans that all expats appreciate. You will take a big jump out of the fast lane in the U.S. away from those ever growing demands on your dwindling financial resources. You will bask in newfound sanity. The lifestyle and cost of living here are conducive to your mental well being.  
Yep, there are several great places you can go to as an expat, so why Belize? Because it's the best bargain out there for you to stimulate your own financial recovery!  
Belize will enable you - not disable you. You can regain what you have lost in the economic downturn!  
Of course, when you make the decision to relocate, there are a lot of details involved - this would be true even if you were moving down the street! Look for my new e-book, due out later in the summer, which will take you by the hand and show you what to do every step of the way on your expat journey. You won't be alone – through my ebook  I will guide you to Belize, your expat paradise. It will be my great pleasure to reach out to you and share what I've learned. And I will enjoy getting your feedback on how you make your expat dreams come true!

Ok, close your eyes and visualize yourself escaping the economic nightmare in the U.S. …or elsewhere for that matter, as the whole ‘first world’ seems to be in crisis. Ok - now open those eyes, grab my new e-book when it's published, and make that expat dream come true!

See you next month!
Author: Macarena Rose is an Ordained Minister, Inventor of the Prop-Up Pillow and a Master in Healing Arts who, after raising 8 children in St Petersburg, Florida, picked up and moved to Belize. She has lived there for the past six years and has never looked back or regretted her decision! Currently she owns Rainforest Realty in Belize and continues with a busy personal schedule as an inspiration as to how to live a fulfilled life…her motto is - Just Do It!! Feel free to contact Macarena at  to get started -- and hurry on down!  Or call us at 1.727.490.7710 
Email : Reverend Macarena Rose

About Rainforest Realty - Your Home, Away From Home...

We here at Rainforest Realty are renowned for our ethics, our expertise and our hospitality ----- please consider us your home away from home -- and it doesn't end there.  We are always available to you to answer your questions about relocating to Belize and buying land and/or a house here, should you choose to do so.  That's our mission!

While we at RAINFOREST REALTY are greatly honored to be winning awards for our benchmark ethical standards in home buying in Belize, we are also pleased to serve as a community center and clearing house for expats.  We love it!  Before, during and after the sale --- and even if you don't buy --- we welcome you to share our fun, friendly, and informative environment! Contact us anytime.  And when you get here, come on in and make yourself at home in our friendly office!
Pearl                          Lagoon - Nicaragua - RainForest Lots For Sale
On Nicaragua's Caribbean coast lies the tropical paradise Pearl Lagoon, a 11,105 acre paradise in the lush rain forest with great Eco tourism  potential.

The property has a rectangular shape  4 km by 12 Km and is located 2 miles in from the Atlantic ocean.  The selling price of the  land is
$275.00 per acre.

For those people looking to start a business in Central America, owning a portion of land from Pearl Lagoon can be just the perfect start.  The land can be developed with different types of resorts, fishing clubs or a timber business.  It is also a great location for developers.


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