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Caribbean island real estate for sale
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Caribbean island real estate for sale
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Caribbean island real estate for sale
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Issue 42
 An online magazine about investing, living, working and relocating to the Caribbean.
Events, people in the news and  general happenings around the Caribbean Basin >>
Land Banking
Sharing resources, reports, news and best practices about our world’s environment >>
Updates on Caribbean destinations tourism, events, travel, key conferences>>
 Caribbean Opportunities : A Unique, Affordable Ownership in Bocas, Panama
 Caribbean Discovery : Discovering Dominica
 Caribbean Culture : Maya Prophecy Year 2012 – Naysay or Doomsday?
 Caribbean Expat : Realizing Dreams in Nicaragua 
 Caribbean Living : A Rare Retirement Alternative in Grenada  
 Caribbean Heart : Remembering Haiti (a series)
 Caribbean Gems : The Sybarite Guide to DR Beaches, Part 2
Caribbean Property Magazine, Real Estate, jobs, relocation, living  and working Investment Corner Updates on the latest Opportunities available at your reach >>
Caribbean Property Magazine, Real Estate, jobs, relocation, living  and working Investors and Funding  Insider knowledge on funding for your developments >>
Caribbean Property Magazine, Real Estate, jobs, relocation, living  and working Caribbean Investor And Owner Notes News and opportunities from CaribProperty Club Notes>>
Caribbean Property Magazine, Real Estate, jobs, relocation, living  and working Off-Plan Pre-Development Offers Our recommended deals from the best developers >>
Caribbean Property Magazine, Real Estate, jobs, relocation, living  and working Pick of the Month Editor's choice of interesting business and real estate opportunities >>
 Clew’s Views  the best deals in the best areas that are perfect for Baby Boomer relocation and retirement>>
 Up Close And Personal Featuring interviews with Caribbean Basin Expats and local entrepreneurs >>
 Health and Fitness  Medical costs, the best health care, national medical programs and more >>
 Safety and Security  How safe will you be, the local government, the legal system, and Mother Nature >>

L E T T E R caribbean, west indies, real estate, property, land, retiring, moving, relocating, living, working, expats, international living, overseas, abroad, caribbean property magazine, caribpro F R O M caribbean, west indies, real estate, property, land, retiring, moving, relocating, living, working, expats, international living, overseas, abroad, caribbean property magazine, caribpro T H Ecaribbean, west indies, real estate, property, land, retiring, moving, relocating, living, working, expats, international living, overseas, abroad, caribbean property magazine, caribpro E D I T O R

It still amazes me that the Caribbean islands which are so often quite prickly, and even prejudiced against each other on a day to day level, come together with such support whenever a natural disaster hits. 

An earthquake or a hurricane which destroys a neighbour serves as a wonderful example of how the Caribbean peoples connect with each other in times of need.

The first hurricane of the season hit Mexico at the upper end of the Category 2 scale, and this is only June.  Normally we don't expect to see anything this temperemental until August.  It seems that this year hurricane season came in with a bang rather than a whimper.

The major concern throughout the region during the last few months is the ongoing oil spill, and now that we are into hurricane season how far first Alex, and then subsequent storms will affect the clean up operation.

I suppose this was BP's worst nightmare..that before they had got the problem sorted out in the Gulf, sealed the leak and cleaned up, a major storm would come along and spoil everything.

Interestingly enough BP also put its hand out and asked for help from  the general public, by inviting suggestions on how to contain the oil spill.  To date they have received over 80,000 (although the website says only 20,000) suggestions and ideas.

Thats an enormous number of people who have taken the time (its not a quick process of submission) to put together a white paper or make a suggestion often with drawings and detailed explanations, to try to help the situation. 

I cannot say for a moment that this type of help is anything more than a cerebral exercise for engineers and entrepreneurs around the world, certainly not in the same category as the emotional response given to disaster victims.

Or is it?  Has it been as a response to all those awful pictures of wildlife trapped and injured by the crude coming ashore?  I do hope so.

And we all hope that whatever is learnt from this whole awful spill, it will be enough to change the way we allow our oil companies to remove oil from beneath our oceans.
 Architecturally Designed Rainforest Home in Dominica... Asking only $515,000
Dominica Property For Sale

The Commonwealth of Dominica in the Eastern Caribbean is known for its stunning landscapes of tall mountains, clothed in cloud rainforest and waterfalls.

It's a place that attracts people in love with the magnificence of nature, but not everyone wants to live in a renewable eco-home built of bamboo and palm

Dominica Property For Sale For someone with a desire to live amongst nature at its peak;  whilst also enjoying modern bathrooms, a large kitchen and a stylish architecturally designed 4 bedroom home.....this charming property might just be what you are looking for.  

Mature gardens and flowerbeds, a 60ft waterfall, cool clear bathing pools and over 4 acres of pure untouched rainforest, the property has its own private drive and all underground utilities to protect the environment.

This issue’s Investment and Property Pages section features savvy advice from veteran international columnists - find out if moving money and your assets is right for you.

Discover some well-informed guidance in our Investors and Funding column. Then check out the Investment Corner for interesting concepts for those interested in investing in something a little different. Next, discover advice you can capitalize on in Caribbean Investor and Owner Notes. There are always plenty of great new deals offered straight from the developers in the Off Plan Pre-Development Offers column. Then, take a peek through the Editor’s Pick of the Month section, which always focuses on some incredible deals and extraordinary properties.

Our new section is geared toward Baby Boomers and those seeking retirement in the Caribbean Basin….and is aptly named the Caribbean Retirement Pages. This month’s CRP section focuses on the countries of Guatemala and Honduras, and features four columns: Clew’s Views – as usual there is a real gem revealed that is the perfect spot for retirement. Then find out about Honduras’ medical industry in Health and Fitness , while discovering the real deal about the country’s Safety and Security …last, enjoy the Up Close and Personal column which features a delightful and insightful interview with local Honduran entrepreneurs.  

Our regular columns begin with…


This month’s column centers on four exciting and diverse opportunities, including a special form of ownership and a new business in the Caribbean Basin: first, is a new and affordable vacation ownership opportunity with Vista Paraiso, a beautiful luxury, 5-star waterfront development on Isla Colon, Panama….then on to Grenada’s Paradise Bay Resort for a limited time opportunity to purchase a villa at almost 50% discount….moving on to Nicaragua’s Pacific coast we find grand Montecristo Beach Resort and Golf Course in full swing and offering low-cost Get To Know Us Tours….and last, Medical Traveler Yucatan, a new Merida (Yucatan, Mexico) company has taken all the research, quality assurance checking, searching for doctors and hospitals out of your hands. American doctors and clinics are sending their surgery patients to them for……


Read about the shrinking world of the climate change refugees in the Caribbean Basin islands….And many islands offer lessons on sun, sand and climate change - is anyone listening? The Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil is developing a Certified Sustainable plan …and ending deforestation in the Amazon will boost Brazil’s agriculture by up to US$ 306 Billion! Let’s hope they do it!


A critical Caribbean Regional Tourism Plan is presented by CHA, WTTC and CTO at a major annual meeting to the CARICOM Heads of Government….Curacao sites a positive tourism growth of 31% from the US Market in 2010…The USVI is plagued by waves of violence…Anguilla is now targeting a more diversified and competitive product line… and in hotel news, the fabulous Nevis Four Seasons Resort is to reopen in December and there are positive signs in the Jamaica hotel industry as the Wyndham Kingston opens.

And, on to this Month’s Special Feature articles …


Unlike the rest of the world, Panama is booming and Bocas is at the beginning of its growth curve.  For a limited time, and offered to a limited number of people, an opportunity exists to become an owner of Vista Paraiso, the first 5-star luxury suite hotel on the waterfront in Bocas.  This is NOT a time share, but an actual stock holder opportunity in the Vista Paraiso Corporation. As an owner, you will participate in the rental income, dividends, and have the opportunity to sell your stock later if you choose to do so. 


Most people have never heard of Dominica… or they confuse it with the Dominican Republic. Fewer still would know where to look for it on a map. Dominica is one of those places that you need to have some idea what you are doing to be able to really get a feel for the place. Signposts are scarce, and you surely cannot visit all the essentials in a day. One thing is for sure… Dominica is truly a unique experience and, above all, possesses a duality of breathtaking landscapes and strong culture.


The media loves to speculate on what awful things are going to happen to planet earth in 2012 - according to them that is when the Maya Doomsday Calendar says the world as we know it ends. Never mind the fact that we're going through that right now! The Maya’s specialized knowledge included calculating dates for an amazing 5,125 year calendar known as the "long count. The current long count ends on December 21, 2012. The new long count cycle begins on December 22, 2012…and the world doesn’t end. Go ahead and plan your holiday trips for December 2012 – and why not come to Belize to celebrate the traditional Maya Deer Dance with us.


Life-fulfilling dreams, in all shapes and sizes, are within the hearts of all of us. How to realize those dreams is usually accomplished by taking a leap of faith.  Many people are afraid to reach out there and act on their hopes and dreams for a better life, a more complete life. This series is about the dreams realized by four couples, now officially Caribbean expats, who made their leap of faith, and who are happily fulfilling their dreams at the stunning Montecristo Beach Resort and Golf Club, located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.


When you have lived the rat race and are ready to retire ….many of us want a nice climate, beautiful nature, clean air and a friendly, safe environment. You will find that and more on Grenada, where Paradise Bay Resort has developed a unique retirement alternative using its beautiful eco-oriented resort villa suites for retirees at rates so inexpensive that a pampered retirement in paradise is a dream you can easily afford and realize.   …

Haiti has been stuck down, but not destroyed. Although life is very difficult, the Haitians are survivors.  HOPE is alive and well in the mountains of Haiti.  Unlike many in the world, the people of Haiti do not measure their hope by what they possess. Rather, their hope comes from a deeper place…a place that cannot be shaken or crushed. Through HEF, our hope is to contribute to the future of Haiti by educating and empowering its youth.  That has been our mission there for 30 years. Now we are rebuilding the hope of others once again…


Your tour of the great beaches in the Dominican Republic continues - from Samana to Puerto Plata and heading west towards Cabarete. Along the way the author suggests the best in restaurants, bars, night life, lodging and activities to keep you enthralled, filled to the brim with the best of cuisine and preventing you from ever wanting to leave the special island of the Dominican Republic.

Starting this month, Caribbean Property and Lifestyles Magazine has a new look as well as some new magazine sections. First, we are pleased to introduce our new Caribbean Retirement Pages section, where each month you will discover all about financial, medical, safety and security matters in various Caribbean Basin countries. Also, you’ll enjoy some up close and personal interviews with locals and expats alike.  Of course, our popular Clew’s Views column will continue to provide some savvy insights about the next best retirement spots in the Caribbean Basin and Central America. 

Our regular Special Features section has been changed a bit as it now showcases articles under specific themes such as Caribbean Gems, Caribbean Discovery, Caribbean Adventure, Caribbean Culture, Caribbean Focus and the Latin-Caribbean.

You’ll not want to miss Caribbean Expat, which will feature interviews with those who took the plunge and are living their dream, usually in their dream home, in the Caribbean Basin.

Also, we hope that you will take note of our new series, Caribbean Heart: Remembering Haiti.  Each month we’ll feature exclusive reports and interviews from an NGO or charitable agency working on the ground in Haiti.

In addition, we will be introducing new Caribbean Basin property developments as well as special property opportunities in our Caribbean Opportunities, Caribbean Developments and Caribbean Living Special Features.

We hope that you will enjoy our “new look” and the new sections.

See you next month!

The Editor
July, 2010

 Costa Rican Hotel For Sale
A Turn - Key  Opportunity!
Nestled beautifully in lush tropical gardens is a fully operational Hotel selling at $4.8 Million...YES!


A 22 room  Hotel Resort located only 300 meters from the Nosara beach.

With 2 pools, one can enjoy the luxury of  either swimming to  the restaurant bar or just relaxing around the  larger  private pool  in a sunning area with  lounge chairs... choose to cool off, after fun in the waterfall pool and with an ice-cold drink at the bar.
The land use plan developed for the hotel was designed to allow for the gradual growth of the resort to an ultimate size of 40 rooms. The Hotel is 12 years old, and completed the fifth phase of construction in 2006.

Construction originally began in August of 1998, which saw the  building of the first 5 rooms named Playa Pelada Suites, restaurant ranchita and bar, bar pool, commercial kitchen, and small clothing, gift and surf supply store as Phase 1.

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Coral Sands Tours - Panama
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June 0
The highs of the Euro against the US dollar around $1.60 in 2008 have dramatically dropped to a weekly average (last week) of $1.18. This, of course, reflects economic instabilities and worries in some other major European Union countries, including Greece and Spain. The UK has its own difficulties but is not part of the Euro currency system, even so the British pound is also falling against the US dollar. ---> Read More
May 0
In the Caribbean we are used to being stopped in our working and living tracks from a sudden cessation of utilities, communications and even transport. But we keep our problems and our creative excuses for those problems to ourselves, with a certain long-suffering amusement and maybe even pride. ---> Read More
April 0
Washing up after dinner at the moment is a unique pleasure in our home. Just above the wooden shutter over my kitchen sink which is always open, hang branches like paintings. One of the branches is from the cashew tree and is already exhibiting commas of young, green cashew nuts. Juxtaposed with it is a branch from the lime tree, and that has small, dark green limes like jewels, still no bigger than a walnut. ---> Read More
March 0
Since the beginning of the year, from Jamaica in the north to Guyana on the north Caribbean coast of South America including the Leewards and Windwards; we have been suffering drought conditions. In the northern latitudes everyone is having a hard, cold winter, down here instead of the cool, rainy season we expect in January and February, we have had really hot, dry days. We normally see 78-82 degrees up here in the mountains and we are seeing 90-94 degrees on a daily basis. ---> Read More
February 0
I still find it slightly quirky to be told when trying to buy Euros or Sterling in cash at the bank in downtown Roseau, "Oh I don`t think we have any foreign cash. Oops No! I tell a lie, we do have 17 pounds, but no Euros. Would you like that?" Or other variations of sums along that theme. ---> Read More
January 0
Every morning my husband walks round our four acres of orchards and grassy spaces, and returns with 2-3 large, sweet freshly picked grapefruit, a juicy orange and sometimes a carambola. With my sharp cook`s knife, I create long ribbons of peel and slice the inner fruit up together to create a fruit salad for breakfast. ---> Read More
December 2009
In my absence, Janine Goben has twice written as guest editor about politics in Honduras, and received quite a few responses from readers, some appreciative and others who felt that she had not said enough. It made me realise that politics is still one of those three topics that my parents taught me were never to be discussed outside of the family, the others are religion and sex! ---> Read More
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