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Issue 35
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Caribbean Property Magazine, Real Estate, jobs, relocation, living and working Caribbean Success Strategy : Country Branding
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Caribbean Property Magazine, Real Estate, jobs, relocation, living and working Merida Medical Tourism : Good Enough For The President


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L E T T E R caribbean, west indies, real estate, property, land, retiring, moving, relocating, living, working, expats, international living, overseas, abroad, caribbean property magazine, caribpro F R O M caribbean, west indies, real estate, property, land, retiring, moving, relocating, living, working, expats, international living, overseas, abroad, caribbean property magazine, caribpro T H Ecaribbean, west indies, real estate, property, land, retiring, moving, relocating, living, working, expats, international living, overseas, abroad, caribbean property magazine, caribpro E D I T O R

In my absence, Janine Goben has twice written as guest editor about politics in Honduras, and received quite a few responses from readers, some appreciative and others who felt that she had not said enough.

It made me realise that politics is still one of those three topics that my parents taught me were never to be discussed outside of the family, the others are religion and sex!   When I was in Antigua for a week in April Antiguans were still hot under the collar about their recent election. Sitting in the backs of taxis being ferried around, I heard it said a number of times, "Dey teefed it!  De UPP...dey teefed it from the ALP!"

This translates into the general feeling that the ruling party, the UPP, had ensured their continuing position for another five years by stealing the election from the opposition ALP through some skullduggery about which everyone seemed to know!

It is December and the 2009 Antigua election will not be over till the fat lady sings.  And we are not sure when she might be sharpening up her vocal chords. The ALP has taken evidence to the Courts and "is asking the court to rule that the evidence shows the alleged breaches affected the results of the elections; and even if the breaches did not affect the results, the mere fact the elections were not conducted in accordance with the laws is sufficient to declare it invalid."     Seems as though it might be a case of 'nice try'.  But who knows.

But then Caribbean elections are fought with no holds barred whatsoever. There seems to be no sign of the Queensbury Rules in there;  general things like fairness, honesty, transparency are made significant by their absence.   Wherever more than two or three people gather in the street it becomes a high level verbal battleground of attack and counter attack.

Anguilla's General Election is due to be held in February of 2010 and already there have been ritual defacing and firing of election materials and the police are looking for the perpetrators.

Governor Alistair Harrison was reported as being "shocked at reports that election paraphernalia had been burnt and vandalised over the weekend and said he hoped that the upcoming general election will be a peaceful affair." And that he had been assured by " Commissioner of Police Keithley Benjamin that investigations were continuing in the incident involving a candidate of the ruling Anguilla United Front (AUF)."

In the meantime, in Dominica, on November 19th Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced to the nation that they had one month to prepare for a General Election; and on Friday December 18, 2009 they would be voting for their new leaders. 

The Opposition was very put out by shortness of the campaign season and the fact that it would interfere with preparations for Christmas. The leader of the Opposition drew another battle line with the following salvo, “Never in the history of Dominica have we had an election just before Christmas...never in the history of politics in Dominica had there been an election on the eve of Christmas. The time of peace, the time of family unity, the time of coming together — first time in history — why?”

There are allegations of physical threats to opposition party members, a scandal about the Prime Minister's own email which has allegedly revealed all sort of interesting wrongdoings to the opposition who are publishing details when it suits them, there are further allegations of mis-use of public funds and corruption and of the 'rapid accumulation of wealth' by the Prime Minister.

It is a free-for-all, and it's all bellowed out to the town and countryside populace through monstrous loudspeakers mounted on the tops of saloon cars, and driven annoyingly slowly by committed political supporters who obviously don't have anything better to do on Sunday mornings. 

It will all be over in just before Christmas and we will then slide back into the peace of our usual Sunday mornings with only the parrots and bananquits to remind us of the outside world.

Cayman Island - home for sale
 BUTTONWOOD - THE BAHAMAS, lots for sale

All plots have ocean access and road access. Water and electric,telephone and cable available at the lot.. Contractors, architects and lawyers are all available to help you design and build your new property. All lots can be reserved on a first come, first served basis. To purchase a lot  - we have three finance plans one with a NO MONEY DOWN offer. 

To reserve a plot paying cash the deposit is $5000 and the remaining amount is payable at completion which is normally 1 -2 months later or with Owner financing over 18 months (unless you take the no money down option).

This issue’s Money and Property Page columns feature savvy advice from our veteran international columnists. Discover if moving money and your assets is right for you plus other well-informed guidance in our Investors and Funding and Investment Corner columns.

Then find out about little known, but legal and safe methods to secure your assets against the depredations of the taxman, plus also learn about the in and out of the offshore industry in Offshore Matters – this month’s column features the article, What Exactly is an International Trust?

Discover advice you can capitalize on in Caribbean Investor and Owner Notes and Mortgage Matters.  Check out the great new deals offered straight from the developers in Costa Rica and the Bahamas in the Off Plan Pre-Development Offers section.  Take a peek through the Editor’s Pick of the Month section, which features properties in the Cayman Islands, Mexico and Belize.

In Clews Views discover the obscure outpost of serenity known as Santa Lucia, Honduras - a picturesque village on the country’s verdant east coast. It is where this columnist intends to move very soon. It is a place not to be missed. Unfortunately, many of you may miss out on it due to the ill-informed and unjust interference into the governing of this tranquil, independent nation by the US government and Venezuela. That tragedy will soon end, and when it does visit Honduras, as you may find a serenity of the soul in this beautiful, peaceful country that is sadly missing elsewhere.

In Hot off the Press ECI Development has news regarding its property in Nicaragua…. And there is plenty of news out of Dominica as it readies for its National elections on December 18th … the HIV pandemic in the. Caribbean is fuelled by inequality, says a new report… the Bahamas is committed to keeping its country off of the notorious black list and the Caribbean tackles its own immigration woes.

In Sustainable Living we learn that Lake Atitlan, Guatemala needs a major environmental cleanup and that Indigenous people worldwide are saying “listen to the earth.” In the world of biodiversity, plants are finally get a DNA bar-code and there is drought in the Caribbean that is being fought by the young…

Tourism Treats features the 2009 list of the world’s best places to retire…in cruise news, the Oasis of the Seas is not only a mega-ship it is a mega hit in the tourism industry….in the air discusses the Caribbean as a whole citing U.K. air tax as unfair and the possible sale of Air Jamaica to non-Jamaican ownership as upsetting as well …in general tourism news, the Caribbean Marketplace is seen by many as a kickoff to regional recovery and the Dominican Republic is looking for a new tourism logo…meanwhile, it can’t be that slow in the hotel industry as the Caribbean and Mexico have 129 new hotels in development plus Langham Hotels International is moving in to the Caribbean as well.

Did You Know introduces the Garifuna, one of the most fascinating people of the Caribbean. We spotlight this unique group by taking a look at their history, culture, music and food –  and, of course, provide some great recipes for readers to try out during the holiday season.

Our Special Feature articles begin with Inside the Honduras Elections ….2009 has been a historic year in the evolution of the democratic Republic of Honduras. On June 28th its President, who had been gravitating toward leftist ideals, was removed from power and taken out of the country because he had violated the law and the constitution, which per national statutes required his immediate removal from power. Without checking the legality of these actions, the U.S. and the world erroneously concluded that Honduras had lapsed into a military coup. But as of November 29th things are getting back on track as national elections have happened and the people have again spoken. Hopefully, the rest of the world will listen to their decision this time!

Guyana Revisited: A Native Son Returns, Pt 2 of 2. This voyage concludes with the writer traveling deeper in to the land of water and six people. His captivating journey through his homeland, after 15 years abroad, reflects his experiences that are now indelible memories sculpted on his mind. Recalling returns from previous trips in which he usually sank into a depressed state, he relates a new enthusiasm, noting that his country is finally on the move forward with people free to operate businesses, to be open, and be able to be critical of issues without reprisal. Industries are developing. Production in agriculture is rising. The mood of the people is on the ascent. Yet, there is still so much to remedy in all facets of life.

Next up is Caribbean Success Strategy: Country Branding.  In this age where globalization attempts to make everything the same, the perception of each Caribbean country is not immune to being perceived as “more of the same” with the only differentiation being price. A major key to differentiate, and a sure path to success in the world of Caribbean tourism and business, is through branding. The challenge of big islands, like the Dominican Republic, is showing the world that it is a truly different experience than that of a Jamaica or Cuba.

In Eco-Tourism in the Turks and Caicos it is revealed that TCI has set aside over 33% of its entire land and sea regions for pres­ervation purposes: na­tional parks, natures reserves, sanctuaries and protected areas. The world’s largest biodiver­sity saltwater wetland reserve is located here. By pre­serving these areas, the TCI have taken a stand to ensure future genera­tions may still enjoy the natural wonders of this tiny island country. Access to the unspoiled nature in TCI is as easy as getting to the country. This is a tiny country featuring a wide variety of life­styles, culture and natu­ral habitats – all reflective of eco-tourism at its best.

Belize is that special place to celebrate the holidays and let your inner self out.  You will never feel closer to the heavens, Mother Nature, yourself and your fellow man than when spending the Holiday season in Belize. It's all here --- a wonderful mix of cultures and traditions that blend to create a very special, magical holiday season. Christmas in Belize has similar elements to Christmas anyplace else, but we have the Mayan traditional ceremonies, the Dear Dance, drumming, Jonkuna dancing and more as you’ll read in Christmas in Belize.

Merida Medical Tourism: Good Enough for a US President, Part 1 of 2. Citizens of many advanced countries continue to encounter astronomical health insurance premiums, out-of-control doctor and hospital costs, and excessive exclusions for procedures they need. Is there hope? As we say Adios to this first decade of the millennium, smart consumers are crossing international borders in greater numbers for health solutions. And, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico is the place for top-notch medical services at rock bottom prices. 

This month’s Country Focus is St. Vincent and the Grenadines - one of the most beautiful island chains in the world – a playground for the rich and famous and where yachting, nature, luxury retreats, diving and relaxation reign supreme.

The Hidden Gems of the Grenadines takes you to modern day St. Vincent & The Grenadines - known as one destination with 32 gorgeous Caribbean islands. The Grenadines is a tropical paradise for yachting, scuba diving, enjoying nature, and relaxing in luxurious hideaways. Once you get into the Grenadines you discover a world of hidden gems, ranging from tiny jewels to private islands with world-class resorts, yacht havens, a Mecca for the rich and famous and an island of significant historical relevance…

Just the name St Vincent and the Grenadines evokes an emotive response with visions of exotic, idyllic island life. And the fantasy rings true. Imagine an island chain buried deep within the Caribbean Sea, uncluttered by tourist exploitation. Imagine....bright sunshine, beautiful clear skies, sea colors with incredible contrasts of green and blue, perfect temperatures all year round. Imagine rugged mountainous terrain, lush forest and uncluttered beaches. Along with Dominica, it is one of the most fertile of Caribbean islands. When you discover St. Vincent you discover an experience never to be forgotten, as you’ll read in Discovering St. Vincent.

The staff at Caribbean Property and Lifestyles Magazine wishes all of our readers a very Happy Holiday Season and wonderful New Year.  See you in 2010!

The Editor
December, 2009

 Costa Rican Hotel For Sale
A Turn - Key  Opportunity!
Costa Rica Hotel For Sale
Nestled beautifully in lush tropical gardens is a fully operational Hotel selling at $4.8 Million...YES! ONLY FOUR POINT EIGHT MILLION US DOLLARS!
A 22 room  Hotel Resort located only 300 meters from the Nosara beach.

With 2 pools, one can enjoy the luxury of  either swimming to  the restaurant bar or just relaxing around the  larger  private pool  in a sunning area with  lounge chairs... choose to cool off, after fun in the waterfall pool and with an ice-cold drink at the bar.
The land use plan developed for the hotel was designed to allow for the gradual growth of the resort to an ultimate size of 40 rooms. The Hotel is 12 years old, and completed the fifth phase of construction in 2006.

Construction originally began in August of 1998, which saw the  building of the first 5 rooms named Playa Pelada Suites, restaurant ranchita and bar, bar pool, commercial kitchen, and small clothing, gift and surf supply store as Phase 1.

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