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Caribbean island real estate for sale
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Issue 26
An online magazine about investing, living, working and relocating to the Caribbean.
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Caribbean Property Magazine, Real Estate, jobs, relocation, living and working The Dominican Republic Luxury Capital 
Caribbean Property Magazine, Real Estate, jobs, relocation, living and working Mexico A World Of Authentic Cuisine
Caribbean Property Magazine, Real Estate, jobs, relocation, living and working Find Your Paradise Comparison Shop! Part 2
Caribbean Property Magazine, Real Estate, jobs, relocation, living and working History Of Caribbean Art Spotlight Haiti Part 1
Caribbean Property Magazine, Real Estate, jobs, relocation, living and working
Caribbean Environmental Sustainability



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L E T T E R caribbean, west indies, real estate, property, land, retiring, moving, relocating, living, working, expats, international living, overseas, abroad, caribbean property magazine, caribpro F R O M caribbean, west indies, real estate, property, land, retiring, moving, relocating, living, working, expats, international living, overseas, abroad, caribbean property magazine, caribpro T H Ecaribbean, west indies, real estate, property, land, retiring, moving, relocating, living, working, expats, international living, overseas, abroad, caribbean property magazine, caribpro E D I T O R

Despite digitising most of our business and personal correspondence there are still times when a letter or parcel is sent to us through the ancient practiced art of the postal service.

On Dominica it certainly is less a service and more an art form, a dark and strange canvas full of inconstancies and dead ends.

Opening a Christmas 2008 present from our daughter and her family in the dusty, dour atmosphere of the post office on February 24th 2009 in Roseau, didn't quite  carry the usual frisson of joy and anticipation that goes with such ceremonies.  I was watched by a portly, dour and dusty civil servant whose seminal pleasures in life were obviously not derived from his work as a post office customs agent.

She sent the present in mid-November ...and four months later it had arrived. 

I knew it had arrived when a little chit appeared in our PO box which is located in, or rather outside on the street of the main post office in Roseau. The chit announced that I had a package to be collected from the Post Office.  And if I didn't pick it up in the next month, they would be returning it from whence it came!   Since it took four months to arrive, wouldn't you think that a month to pick it up was cutting it rather fine?

When I rented the box when we first moved to Dominica it was surprisingly easy.  They seem to have a few vacant boxes.   "Is it close to the ground?" asked my knowing neighbour when I told her how wonderfully easy it had been to get a Post Office Box, none of the usual long queues until a box freed up that I had been used to in the BVI.

"Yes it is close to the ground," I answered innocently, "its the second row up.  "Ah yes," she said, "that's why.  Nobody wants those ones.  That's the row the dogs pee on."

Now why didn't I think of that?

I fell down another unforseen postal mineshaft recently too.  When we signed up for a new service with our helpful bank officials here, we were asked to include a 'physical' address on the form as well as our Post Office box number in downtown Roseau.  Which we did; and then we didn't hear anything more.  I called one of our friendly ladies at the bank.

"Have you checked your post?" she asked helpfully. "Yes I have," I said, "twice this week."  I had; sidling up to my second-row-up-from-the-pavement-where-the-dogs-pee postbox, nostrils a-twitch. It was aroma-free and there was nothing in there from the bank.

"Then have you checked the post office in the village near where you live?"

"You mean St. Joseph's, I don't even know where the Post Office is!" I said horrified, "are you telling me the bank has sent this important letter Poste Restante to the post office closest to us and not to my box number in town?   But why would  they do that?  Now its bound to get lost."

I suppose my question was rhetorical, but my lady from the bank gave the usual answer when there is no questioning what the powers that must be obeyed no matter how irrational,  have dictated. "Thats what they always do." she said.

Now that my mother is moving to live with us in Dominica its becoming much more critical that we find a more efficient way of moving post across the Atlantic.  She cannot wait three months for a letter to find her from Shropshire.

It seems that LIAT airline (yes, yes I know I did say LIAT) has an agreement with UPS on both sides of the Atlantic.  They assured me that a letter will take only five days to find its way from the UK to the floor of their office in town where I saw last week's harvest of letters from from Europe,  laid like a work of mixed media canvas, full of shapes and clashing colours. This is where it is sorted and customers can collect it.   

Who needs art forms in the postal service?  None of us I say; can we just agree that its a much needed service!
Offshore Investment Fund Opportunity
Be sure to read through our ever growing Money Pages and Property Pages columns. You’ll find savvy advice from our veteran international columnist. Discover how currency knowledge and exchange can save you lots of money in the Caribbean in our new column, Moving Money.

Then find out about a little known, but legal and safe method to secure assets against the depredations of the taxman, in the Economic Citizenship column and for developers and general investors looking for somewhere to put their money in these uncertain times the Funding and Financing column is an absolute must read.

You’ll find lots of advice you can capitalize on in Caribbean Investor and Owner Notes, as well. And this month, the Mortgage Matters column returns with some great advice from our new columnist, a veteran in the international mortgage industry.

Check out all the great new deals offered straight from the developers in Jamaica and Belize in the Off Plan Pre-Development Offers section. And, the Editor’s Pick of the Month section this month features properties in Costa Rica, St Croix - USVI and in Saint Lucia

In Clews Views you will be introduced to a delightful little village in Guatemala, located in the verdant western highlands that Lonely Planet simply calls “magical.” Chichi, as it is known,  is perfect for two types of Pioneers, -the first are independent adventurers of any age who can work via the Internet. The second are self-contained Baby Boomer couples who have arrived at a point in life where their best friends are each other. Either group will find that they can live very well on $1,000, or so a month.

Hot off the Press . The Caribbean has its own bank scare as the Sanford case causes a run on Antigua banks…meanwhile history is in the making at the 29th Annual Heineken Regatta in St Maarten… after years of hosting the legends of the music industry as they recorded their albums, Montserrat has established a Wall of Fame to thank those musicians for their support…and speaking of music, the legendary reggae band, the Wailers plays again in March at St Maarten… and President Chavez gets a gift from his people – the potential to be president for life!
In Sustainable Living discover that at last there will be a Garifuna Reunion in St Vincent and that the hotly debated Guiana Island project off Antigua is most likely on permanent hold, plus a new exotic frog has been found in a hidden Eden in Colombia, near by the border with Panama and check out  the ‘coolest’ tree house you’ll ever see...or maybe not..take a look!

In Tourism Treats several new developments in Costa Rica are on schedule to keep that destination blooming no matter what the world economy may be. Three of the Top Five Medical Tourism Destinations are in the Caribbean  and The Heineken Regatta is Set to Sail in St Maarten this month., Two Caribbean Inns are named to Coastal Living’s Most Romantic Inns in the World List and Hilton adds three renowned Puerto Rico Inns to its portfolio. And, the First Anguilla Air Express arrives in Anguilla.

Did You Know…have you ever heard of sea moss? Better yet, have you ever drunk it?  If not, you are missing a distinctly Caribbean health feast! The Caribbean is full of artists that sure need some recognition and so this month we kickoff a new section to introduce these creative geniuses to you. And, what would be a Did You Know section without our usual Creole 101 lessons.

Our Special Feature articles kick off with The New Luxury Capital of the Caribbean. In the last 15 years the Dominican Republic became the Caribbean island with the most  hotel rooms, mostly under the ¨all inclusive¨ plan, where it ranks 1st in the world. In the last 5 years, this all started to change, with developments that are among the best in the world building ultimate developments. 

And, it is more than the country’s ever improving infrastructure, the lowest land costs in the area, superb beaches and the great warmth of the locals that is transforming the country into a luxury development heaven. Luxury requires an experience, top entertainment, golf, yachting, great dining…and the DR has all of this and more!

In Inspirations From Mexico : A World of Authentic Cuisine discover that Mexico’s neighbors to the north, the Canadians and Americans, can learn a lot from their neighbors to the south about preparing healthy food. Rice and beans, which accompany nearly every Mexican meal, are a perfect protein combination and are also high in fiber. Hot spicy foods help the body burn calories faster.  And, almost all meals are quite economical to make…a real boon in these crunch times. If you have never tried Lime Soup, Paella or Yucatecan Chicken you are in for a real treat.

The conclusion of the two part article on How to Find Your Paradise: Comparison Shop! Advises us that  Paradise and being flexible go hand in hand. One learns new mantras to live by in order to not go completely bonkers. And, in Paradise, every new plan, spontaneously created on the fly as a means to salvage yet another mini-disaster, is always a “no problem” to do for the locals. One great piece of advice for anyone moving to, and living in Paradise, is to always have several back up plans in mind for even the most seemingly easy operation. And the last rule of thumb is to never confuse the meaning of mañana either, as it does not mean tomorrow—it really means “not today.”

Mighty Montserrat : Emerald Isle of the Caribbean, has stood tall against hurricanes, volcanoes and other catastrophes, yet still manages to keep her head above water, so to speak. The destination flourishes despite the eruption of the Soufrière Hills Volcano and boasts lush green mountains, world-class nature trails, deserted dark sand beaches and untouched reefs where marine enthusiasts can view everything from colorful coral reef fish to spiny lobsters and copper sweepers.  Discover its diving, explore the Bat Cave, and find out about the of hiking, biking, birding, and of course, volcano viewing in Magical Montserrat: Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.

Caribbean artists are breaking onto the global art scene, bringing with them a unique vision of the world based on the bright colors and beautiful cultures of the islands. There are a few islands, such as Haiti, Cuba and Jamaica, where art is a major part of the cultural fiber. Without a doubt, Haitian Art, especially painting and sculpture, is among the most appreciated in the world. It continues to receive critical acclaim while at the same time enjoying some measure of commercial success. This art forms is basically the product of a fully untrained group of very unique and visionary artists as we read in History of Caribbean Art: Spotlight Haiti, Part 1.

Solar Energy …Wind Energy …Geo Thermal …Hydro …Tidal Energy …Bio-Mass Energy – are all leading us on the road to lower prices and high renewable energy penetration.  But more importantly for the world right now is the fact that the development and use of these systems will lessen the effects of global warming. And, for us in the Caribbean, where small island developing states are in a desperate need situation, these systems will bring FREEDOM as you will learn in A View of Caribbean Environmental Sustainability.

This month’s Country Focus is the two nation island of Sint Maarten and Saint-Martin. Considering that not much is in harmony in the world of today it is a pleasure to visit a tiny island that is shared in such harmony and peace by two nations for 350 years. Two Nations in Harmony share a tiny island without a border so it is hard to know where Dutch Sint Maarten ends and French Saint Martin begins. This shared harmony has led to an economic strength for each nation as both countries are major tourism magnets and rightfully so – few islands have so much to offer under the ‘roof’ of 37 square miles.

Active Sint Maarten and Dynamic Saint-Martin have much in common  But no matter, as both nations offer spectacular beaches and diving; events such as Carnival or a Regatta, the best of duty free shopping as well as world class casinos, hotels, and restaurants. This two nation island has all anyone would want for active vacationing, a honeymoon, entertainment or just a quiet day on a beautiful beach.

Enjoy your March 2009 issue of Caribbean Property and Lifestyles Magazine and make a note to read the April 2009 issue featuring Puerto Rico as our Country Focus.

The Editor
March, 2009
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Caribbean Property and Lifestyles Magazine
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January 2009
So Caribbeans look beyond their regional neighbours for their icons and every single one knows who Martin Luther King was. And now there is Barack Obama. As soon as Obama was elected there were `Obama` Roads and Highways, Obama Stadiums and Parks springing up like a rash of chicken pox all over the regional body. A recent song by a group rejoicing in the name of "Yo Majesty" contains the words "Obama is the dream that Martin Luther King had", and many in the Caribbean believe in this. It seems that the collective Caribbean peoples have pinned a metaphorical Obama magnet up on their fridges and he is now part of the expectations for a better life in the Caribbean. ---> Read More
December 2008
We have a construction crew working on our house build of around 8 men drawn from the local town of St. Joseph`s.

But it`s an unreliable number that gets eroded by the intensity of the weekend partying that takes place in St. Joe`s. If there is a big holiday then most of them will not turn up on the Tuesday morning after the long weekend. But even if it is a normal weekend, we can be sure we will be one man down to over-drinking and the inevitable fight that seems to ensue.
---> Read More
November 2008
Martin the builder is rather good looking, quietly charming, quick to please and interested, thank goodness, in learning new stuff. And that`s why my Mother will forgive him. Building our own home on a Caribbean island was always going to be interesting. Luckily we have expectations that are well within the limitations of the weather, the workforce, local expertise, materials, building regulations and standards, storage and security and even the challenges of importing.
---> Read More
September 2008
Recently we have written a lot in our magazine about US baby boomers and British retirees looking for a place in the sun to warm their golden years, when the financial and ego driven imperative of a career eases off. A report that came out this week projects that by 2060 42.1% of the UK`s population will be above retirement age - that proportion is currently 24.3%, and that the number of Britons aged 80 or above is expected to reach 9% in 2060, compared with the current figure of 4.5%. ---> Read More
June 2008
A reggae band from any island doing a tour elsewhere in the Caribbean, will have to apply for an entertainment and work permit for each country and each player. Any sort of cultural or community exchange is fraught with unecessary bureaucracy and will often fail to happen. Cellphones don`t work from one Caribbean country cell network to the next, notwithstanding the fact that if you don`t have a universal charger you are totally up the creek. In the Eastern Caribbean there is no common policy on whaling or commercial fishing between the tiny island nations, whilst Costa Rica at the opposite end has banned all whaling in its waters. But then along comes an effort like this which, if nothing else, merges us in a common cause, albeit an economic one. ---> Read More
May 2008
They tell me that if I turn off my air conditioning in my car not only do I save $200 a year but also the planet. I am all for saving the planet. Under the circumstances, it seems like an excellent idea! The world and his dog, (as my Mother used to say) is well aware that we are using up our finite fossil fuels at an alarming speed and that it behoves each of us, in our own way, to slow down consumption. A few years ago we took a five day cruise and I still feel guilty. It was only afterwards I learned that I had used up a ton of fuel, as had every other person on that cruiseship during those five days. I enjoyed the cruise but not at that price. ---> Read More
December 2007
He was right, the earth did move for me at 7.4 on the Richter Scale about 30 miles to the south west of us. Scientists at the University of the West Indies, in Trinidad, said the quake was the second strongest since the unit began monitoring the Caribbean tectonic plate in 1952. The earthquake itself was the longest I have ever felt, and it was very interesting, after we had evacuated the building, watching the 4 wheel drive Suzuki rocking side to side for well over a minute. ---> Read More
 Click Here to download this article in PDF format.
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